1997 gmc jimmy starting issues (my first chevy...)

Discussion in 'Chevy Blazer Forum (GMC Jimmy)' started by nhs4x4, Jan 31, 2014.

  1. nhs4x4

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    ive never really been into any sort of chevy, but recently my situation changed and i found a 1997 jimmy 4.3 4x4 with 200k from a good friend. the problem he described it as having was " it needs a jump and its squeaking and i need to put fuel directly into the motor to start it". i got it for scrap price so i could scrap it and walk away with my money n be fine...but the more i look into it the more i wanna get it running its probably the cleanest vehicle ive ever owned just by climbing in it or lookin under the hood you can see its been very well taken care of throughout its 200 thousand mile life. i brought it from his house to mine on a jump which it did die half way (about 2 miles) between in the middle of a snow storm the air intake had popped off from where we loosened it which he said caused it to stall? we poured some gas into the top of the motor and jumped it off of his truck and i made it the rest of the way back..i went and got a battery yesterday and threw it in it started fine the first crank then stalled and killed the battery i put in it. its been about 0 degrees where im at for about a month now i was guessing thats why the batteries are so messed up so ive had them both charging inside the house over night and im going to go out and try the newer one again today. in the meantime have any other 4.3 vortec owners had this problem? what did u do to resolve it? any input would be greatly appreciated

    PS** i forgot to mention while we had it running the first few times off the jump the second we took it from park to drive it would stall out, we remedy'd this by putting it in gear before we removed the jumpers after we had done so and took it around the block it did change gears just fine, however upon shutting off it would not turn back on without a jump. idk if this helps any but i figured the more information the better chance of figuring out whats causing this malfunction
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  2. Conlan Rose

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    My best guess is its a fuel pressure issue. Get a gauge and check the pressure.
  3. nhs4x4

    nhs4x4 New Member

    im gonna get on my way to advanced here in an hour to pick up a pressure test kit, thanks for the quick feedback ill update when i finish. i read on another post a little while ago 63 psi to start 55 to run are these the numbers i should be looking for
  4. Conlan Rose

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    Yes I believe those are the numbers. Also have them see of there are any stored codes in the ecm. You should also have the battery and all load tested because of the battery issues you have described.
  5. Pikey

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    have the alternator tested also. if I had to guess without looking at it, I would think that maybe the alternator is not charging the battery, hence the dead battery and the need for a jump start. After starting the alt may have enough output to keep it running, but not run and charge the battery. Could be why you need to pour fuel in also, not enough voltage for the pump.
  6. nhs4x4

    nhs4x4 New Member

    **UPDATE** sorry its been a while now forgot my log in info, but over the past month ive fixed a few problems, the reason the battery didnt charge was because the belt that was on it had stretched about 4 inches, we were having fuel pressure issues --For example the fuel pressure gauge showed it shootings straight to starting pressure bout 65 ish psi, then slowly going back to 0 over about 10 seconds, we found a bad line and replaced it, that fixed the pressure issues however i still need to pour fuel in the top to get it to start, where do i go from here any input is appreciated, just dont tell me to get a new fuel pump like everyone else ( ITS BRAND NEW...even though i feel the old one wasnt bad because it was doing the same thing..

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    just read an interesting article by an online chat "mechanic" says its the fuel pump relay and hes describing my situation perfectly im gonna give it a go tomorrow ill get back to the forums for anyone else having this problem
  7. Conlan Rose

    Conlan Rose Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Keep us posted! A relay problem makes sense because it would cause the fuel pump to no engage when needed if it was malfunctioning.

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