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    Engine is running lean in bank1 and rich in bank 2. How do you fix this problem, also how can you tell if your catalylic convertor is getting glogged.
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    Welcome to the Forum Dejavu

    Well, I don't know a whole lot about catalytic converts other than there are two main types. Oxidation catalysts and reduction catalysts. Basically an oxidation catalytic converter is a mesh and Palladium and Platinum that convert hydrocarbons of unburned gasoline into safer emissions like Carbon Dioxide and water. Of course it doesn't get them all. The reduction catalyst is fairly similar except that it uses Rhodium and Palladium in a reduction reaction. Reduction and oxidation is short handed as "Redox" which describes changing the oxidation state of an atom.

    Basically if you have a plugged converter you will notice a sharp performance drop and fuel mileage drop. Also if it goes to long it will only plug worse, created extreme amounts of back pressure stalling the engine. ***It's possible but unlikely***

    The only tests that I know of to check are when you find an intake vacuum somewhere. Like the carb, intake manifold, or throttle body. You can gauge the pressure at idle then at some #rpm. Or you can go and check back pressure directly, but I don't know enough to help with that.

    Causes for Catalytic failure.
    Burning oil
    Ceramic Wear in Converter
    Bad Spark plug or Valve - Allows unburned fuel into exhaust
    Overly Rich Air/Fuel Mix
    ...Much More

    I hope that this helps you in some way Dejavu

    2006 Silverado 4x4 Crew Cab Z71

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