1997 K 1500 4X4 brake light issues

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by justalookinyousee, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. justalookinyousee

    justalookinyousee New Member

    Hello everyone, I am new to this site. So first off I would like to say thanks in advance. I have a 1997 Chevy Suburban with a fuse issue, slot # 1 to be exact. This thing is going through more fuses than I care to replace. When the temp outside is extremely HOT or COLD the fuse blows as soon as I touch the pedal. If the weather stays cool 30 to 60 (and I know that’s an extreme range) the issue doesn’t occur. As soon as it heats up outside pop, pop, pop goes the fuse, then I have no brake lights, no hazards, and who knows what else!?!?!?!? I have traced the wires from the back to the front through the fire wall no luck, she’s still a popping. I changed the brake pedal switch to just start somewhere.
    I have been looking all over the web trying to find a diagram showing the entire wiring harness and all devices (fuses, switches, relays, ECT, ECT,ECT) that these go through once they reach the front of the truck. The harness rides on the driver’s side frame rail. The brake lights, backup lights, running/parking lights, hazards, and I believe the fuel pump wiring is also contained in this harness.
    I would be so awesome to have this issue resolved so I wouldn’t have to worry every time I drive that I might not have brake lights.
    I am looking for advice, a diagram showing this entire circuit setup, and a list of all devices (fuses, switches, relays, ECT, ECT, and ECT) that are involved so I can resolve this headache.

    Thanks again,
  2. murdog94

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    Check the relay panel on the actual tail lights. I had the same issue and both of my tail lights were so corroded.
  3. justalookinyousee

    justalookinyousee New Member

    So were you ever able to get a diagram, or a list of components before you started your troubleshooting, or did you just start looking at everything from point A to B? A friend of mine said that the power to the brakes run through the hazard relay and this could be causing the issue also, however I have not been able to find a doucment to support his theory.
  4. murdog94

    murdog94 Epic Member 5+ Years 5000 Posts

    If your hazards are working then your relay is just fine.. And i answered your PM. But i actually started in the rear and looked at the wiring which was shot. and when i pulled the tail lights I found the corrosion that was causing the most problems.. I ended up replacing the tail lights, and the rear harness with a used set i got from a guy who was parting out a very clean truck, and i even got the trailer harness and I havent had a problem since.

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