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    I have a 1997 Silverado. The shifter boot on the steering column tore. I was not going to replace it but then I was concerned about debris and dirt causing premature wear on the mechanism. I ordered the boot today from the dealer, but I am uncertain as to how to replace it. I pulled it around a little and it feels as though the inside flange is too large just to pull through. How do I replace this?
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    The boot on my truck had torn once, and I replaced it. My main concern was that I would tear the new one if I tried to slip it over the shift handle. To replace it you should ideally do the following:

    1) open your steering column trim covers - they should just clip together (careful not to break clips) - you should not need to remove it entirely, just enough to access the base of the shifter.

    2) If you have the tow/haul button, you will have to cut the wires for this.

    3) the shift lever should be held on by a small bolt or screw. remove it.

    4) you can now remove the shift lever, and slide the boot off the end.

    5) reinstall shift lever with new boot installed.

    6) reconnect tow/haul wires (if necessary) If you need to do this, definitely solder them to prevent shorting, and I would also recommend extending them.

    7) clip steering column trim back together, lining up the shift boot so that the hard inner base is inside the trim cover, and the outer rubber flange is on the outside (fairly obvious :lol:)

    Also, mine was torn for well over a year, and as a work truck had a lot of opportunity for dirt. What dirt and debris did end up in that area did not affect anything. Hope this helps, and good luck with your project.

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