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  1. cka1975

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    120K miles, front tires were badly worn on outside, steering was really loose, and the tuck is all over the place.

    About 6 months ago I had mechanic rotate tires, tighten up the steering, and do the alignment after explaining to him how bad the trucks wanders all over the road.

    He thought doing the above would solve the problem. It did for a while.

    Now we are back to where we started - it is almost impossible to keep the truck going straight!

    Thoughts/ideas/advice?? If the front end suspension needed some work, shouldn't this guy have noticed it when he did the alignment??

    Thanks for ANY help you can offer. Side note - new tires are going on next week, if that changes anything.

  2. GaryL

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    Check the pitman arm, idler arm, and tie rods for play. Lift the vehicle, support it with jackstands and have someone push on the tires left and right and up and down while you are underneath the truck. Watch for parts that move that are attached to parts that don't move.
  3. EdPDX

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    See this thread, this may well be your problem. When I bought my suburban from the used dealer... say nothing, it had a list of front end repair work; but still had the broblem you described. I think they misdiagnosed it and spent a lot of money chasing a fix.

    Good luck.

    Here is the link to the fix on this forum:

  4. Sawfish

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    Could be loose front wheel bearings.

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