1997 Tahoe 10 bolt to 14 bolt swap

Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by miaatch, Oct 5, 2010.

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    hey there i got a 97 tahoe 4wd with the 10 bolt that i have now busted 3 times. IM OVER IT. i thought that replacing the gov lock with an eaton limited slip would help. it did but i just broke the ring and pinion gears the other day fish tailing it in the rain. so no im looking into a 14 bolt semi floating swap. im only running 33's. the truck is not lifted however i obviously drive the truck pretty hard. it see's desert whoops, sand whoops, miller jeep trail. pretty much everything. im worried about the 14 bolt gov lock because i hate gov. locks. so i started asking the local rear end shop (hoopers) these guys are awesome and he suggested maybe going with the H2 rearend. it comes with an electric locker in it already. sounds like a great option but dont know how involved it will be to put in. also dont know much about the electronic locking mechanism in there. is it strong or not? am i better off with the regular 14 bolt with an eaton. or will the 14 bolt rear end with the stock gov lock be fine in my truck? any input anybody can give me would be awesome! thanks
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    Sometime ago someone posted that they put a 1500HD rear axle into his Tahoe. He said it was a bolt-in?? Maybe you can find his post in the performance section.

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