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    Due to an unfortunate accident with a deer, I had to replace my 1994 Sonoma pickup. I purchased a 1998 GMC Jimmy from the dealership where I work. It has 114K miles and was a one owner. My Sonoma had the 4.3 Vortec with TBI. I had heard that this was a somewhat rare engine. My Jimmy has the 4.3 Vortec SFI engine.

    Firstly, what is the difference between these two engines in terms of durability, performance and fuel economy?

    Secondly, a friend had a Blazer of this approximate era. He stated that these vehicles were known for ball joint problems and that they were expensive to fix. Any truth to this?

    Third, prior to purchasing the vehicle, the right front hub had to be replaced. I spoke with the previous owner this evening. He stated that he had replaced the hub six months earlier. Either the mechanic for the prior owner did not replace the hub, or this was a bad hub. Or could there be something else causing the hub to go out?

    Lastly, how does the 98 Jimmy compare to other year models (pros, cons)?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Welcome to the site! As for the difference between the TBI vs SFI, I think it is just a difference in fuel management with the SFI being the latest. I don't know about the "hub" or front end problems, but hopefully someone else can chip in. As Jimmy vs Blazer, if that was the question, it is a matter of preference as they are essentially the same vehicle with the Jimmy being a little more upscale. Good luck!

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