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Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by Mike1309, Mar 20, 2014.

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    I have a 1998 Chevrolet C1500 WT with the 4.3 v6 has 200,400 miles on the ticker. I have an issue seems every month I lose coolant. I put a new thermo stat and water pump on in DEC 2013. And a new timing chain in Jan 2014 when it jumped time. After timing chain all went well. Then a month later it lost coolant (started slow leak and progressed to larger puddles) I took water pump off installed new gaskets and again all was well.. Started to leak small again and eventually just poured out this month (march) I put new gaskets and used the right stuff seal. Again all worked great no issues no leaks. Up until today my truck started over heating a bit and saw smoke coming out of the backend and the temp gauge came down to normal temp. Some coolant was missing out of the overfill. I added a little more coolant, again since I added it.. it's been fine! But I know it will start in same cycle starts to lose small amount to big puddles.. I know it couldn't be a head gasket because once I put new seals on water pump its fine. I am on verge of getting new hoses...radiator. But I don't want to sink money into something if its not the issue. Anyone that can help a stumped Chevy owner out?

    If I don't happen to read my post, people can text me 814-360-6045
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    Get a pressure tester for the cooling system. several parts stores rent them. that will help yo locate the leak. if you have to keep redoing water pump gaskets, something is wrong! more than likely the leak is somewhere else. these are known to leak at the intake manifold gasket and also the heater hose quick connect on the intake manifold. white smoke out of the exhaust is from coolant entering the cylinders. leaking intake manifold can cause this.
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    Also its possible that maybe your radiator cap isn't working properly and it could be over pressurizing the coolant system. But like ed mentioned these are known to leak at the manifold and may need new intake manifold gaskets. To properly diagnose it you should get a pressure tester for the coolant system and you will be able to more accurately troubleshoot. I believe you can rent them at auto zone and get your money back when your done with it. The heater hose quick connect like ed said is also a weak link, (at least on the TBI engines). Generally these break off in the intake when they start to leak, and can be a huge pain to get out sometimes.

    Good luck hope you fix it!

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