1998 Chevrolet Suburban - Power Issues Freeze Frame Data Included

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by SuburbanSS, Nov 24, 2009.

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    So I've been working on this project truck for awhile and still have some sort of power issue..

    I have freeze frame data and a few DTCs but nothing that seems to be big issues.

    LOAD_PCT(%) - 0.0
    MAP(inHg) - 18.6
    RPM (/min) - 619
    MAF(1b/min) - 0.000
    TP(%) - 0.0

    Does any of this account for its response?

    Now the issue at hand is that the truck will start with some hesitation requiring some use of the gas pedal in assistance to start assuming a lack of fuel, and will then idle and rev in park fine.

    When shifted into Drive it will bog down and almost want to die out - which seems that there is a lack of communication from the computer to advance the motor, it barely can move out of its own way.

    Would faulty o2 sensors cause something like this?

    Engine Compression be an issue here?

    Should also note that the PCM was REPLACED with a new programmed one from spareECM that was programmed to the newest flash for the VIN. There was no CRANK POSITION RELEARN done, is this something that would cause its sluggishness?

    Thanks for any help to my ongoing 6 month headache...

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