1998 Chevy Cheyenne C/K 1500 Rust on Rear Fenders

Discussion in 'GM Parts Club' started by gmanzim, Mar 11, 2017.

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    I'm disabled with a rare neurological muscle movement disorder, so doing the work is extremely difficult. So, any advice would be greatly appreciated!! My first dumb question is; what's the difference between a C1500 and a K1500? My manual is C/K Full-Size Pickup. Anyway, I'm going to post some pictures, it appears as though there two pieces to the wheel well. Is it possible to replace the skinnier piece, closest to the fender? I can't attach the clips for the fender flares, because that piece is rusted as well, the inner piece is solid. I cut away all the rust and sprayed it with Iron Armour undercoating. Thanks again in advance for any advice!! Gary
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    I forgot the pics, here they are......

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