1998 gmc z71 fuel pump

Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by dyenor, Jan 29, 2008.

  1. dyenor

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    My 1998 gmc z71 needs fuel pump replacement question is tank off from below or box off and work from above.Also what is involved in taking box off if this is the way Thanks

    box off ok my son and i lifted it out of the way but is there a specialized tool to disconnect the fuel lines off of the pump???
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  2. 84fiero123

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    Depends on how strong you feel and how much help you can get.

    Taking the bed off is just a few bolts in the bed, and releasing the fuel filler neck from the flexible hose.

    Then 4 big guys can pick it up and remove the bed, or you could go old school and just drive it under a tree limb and lift it off with a come along or chain fall. hooked on the four corners. But I would recommend putting a couple of 10’ 2x4 s under the bed and hooking to them instead.

    Oh ya don’t forget the wiring going to tail lights.

    Now dropping the tank is going to require a floor jack a plate or pallet to put under the tank. Basically a mater of if you want to lay on your back or not.
  3. GaryL

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    I have done it both ways and I prefer to move the bed rather than drop the tank. You don't have to remove the bed completely. Just move it back to where the bed sits on the tires and rear bumper, just 18" to 2 ft. I think there are 8 bolts, the filler hose at the gas door and the tail light wiring harnes to disconnect. Two guys can lift and move it, but four is much easier.

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