1998 K1500 Silverado Squeaking brakes

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Talk & GM News' started by BlackBeast, Mar 20, 2013.

  1. BlackBeast

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    Hi guys, on my truck pictured below, my front brakes squeak. Its only the front ones, but I checked the rotors and they are fine and the pads are at about 80%? What should I do? It really bugs me, but I just don't feel like spending the money for all new rotors and pads if these aren't even bad... Suggestions? Help? :frown:
  2. dsfloyd

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    could be a couple things. Do they squeak all the time or during braking. Do the pads/rotors look like they are glazed over. But the most common thing is just brake dust. Especially if they are semi-metallic pads (I still prefer semi metallics over ceramics though). Semi metallics give off a lot of brake dust. This will build up some and cause squeeking. Take the front brake pads out and spray down the rotors and pads with brakeKleen. Also could be just due to the back of the pads vibrating with the holder. So when you take the pads off also buy some of the silicone stuff for the back of the pads (the little packs that are at the counters of autopart stores). Put a good amount on the back of the pads and on the ears (any where it hits other metal, but not on the face of the pad, dont want it on the rotor:lol:). Sometimes if that doesnt work, and I have had trouble ones before, they sell some heavier duty stop squeek stuff. It dries to more of a rtv gasket consistency as well as a spray for the rotors. I have had to use them before when I couldnt get a squeek out with the traditional methods.
  3. BlackBeast

    BlackBeast New Member

    Ok, I will try to clean them and look at them how you said. I appreciate the help!

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