1998 Leaky dive shaft seal

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  1. ACracing

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    I have a leaking drive shaft seal on a 98 Z71. I removed the axle cv shaft and the axle tube shaft on the right side of the truck. My question is once I get the axle tube out, how do I remove the drive shaft. According to Auto Zone repair manuals on (see link below), I have to remove a snap ring, and then remove the drive axle. According to the Haynes book it says to take it to a dealer for service. All I want to do is replace a seal, thats seems crazy.

    This is the link to the instructions:

    This the link to the picture:
    http://www.autozone.com/autozone/re...haft, Hub And Bearing&partId=0900c1528008f406

  2. Jimmiee

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    You have to remove the axle housing as a unit, then take it apart.
  3. ACracing

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    Do you mean the front differential? I removed the axle tube that has shaft in it. I'm trying to remove the shaft that the CV joint mounts to. The gear oil is coming out right behing the flange that the CV joints connects to, that is the seal I want to replace (number 3 in the picture, see link below). Thanks!!

    http://www.autozone.com/autozone/re...haft, Hub And Bearing&partId=0900c1528008f406
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    Here's what the repair manual says:

    1. Place mounting flange of axle tube assembly in a vise. Remove actuator solenoid and
    engagement switch from tube. Remove shift shaft, springs, shift fork and differential sleeve
    (No. 22). See Fig. 4 or Fig. 5 . Remove snap ring, connector gear (washer on K3), and thrust
    washer from axle shaft.
    2. Using a soft mallet, tap on flange end of axle shaft to remove axle shaft from tube. DO NOT
    hammer on pilot bearing stem end of axle shaft, severe damage will result. Using a
    screwdriver, pry out deflector and oil seal.
    3. To remove axle bearing from tube, use Bearing Remover (J-29369-1 for K2; J-29369-2 for
    K3). Using appropriate puller and slide hammer, remove axle bearing
    MITCHELL 1 ARTICLE - 1998-99 DRIVE AXLES Front Axle - "K" Series Page 1 of 1
  5. ACracing

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    Is this online? (MITCHELL 1 ARTICLE - 1998-99 DRIVE AXLES Front Axle - "K" Series Page)

  6. ACracing

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    Pics of problem

    I am having trouble removing the drive shaft. According to everything I've reviewed there is supposed to be a snap ring that I have to remove, then I can remove the axle shaft. See pics attached and please let me know what I need to do. I do not see a snap ring. I want to replace the seal at the oppisite end of this shaft. Thanks!!!

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  7. Jimmiee

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    The gear has to come off before you get to the snap ring. If you can get 2 small pry bars or a gear puller under it it will come off. It's pressed on and has an interference fit so it will take a puller to get it off.
  8. ACracing

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    I will try that, but it seems wierd. The gear will shift (move) up & down with the axle shaft. The gear will also spin (move) very little on the spline. I will let you know how it turns out. Thanks!!!
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    Hope you can get fixed.
  10. Jimmiee

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    I just sent you a PDF from the factory manual. The gear is held on internally with a wire snap ring so you need a slide hammer or puller to get it off.

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