1998 Silverado 5.7 Tune-up Reccomendations

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    BURNiNATOR New Member

    I just purchased a 1998 Silverado with the 5.7 V8. It has about 157,000 miles on it and was owned by the same guy since it was new. He took pretty good care of it. This is the first full-size GM that I have owned.

    Here is my question: I'd like to do a full tune-up on it and wanted to know what people had good success with.

    So, can you guys reccommend plugs, wires, filters, fuel injection cleaners, any procedures that have proven to be the most effective for performance and gas mileage?

    I'm also interested in replacement intakes as well as any issues I should watch out for.

  2. cobra2end

    cobra2end Rockstar 100 Posts

    Use ac delco plugs. Always a good start. i use house brand cap and bosh wires. Put in a k & n air filter for now still want to do cold air intake but have to wait but got cool tip on how to get rid of the air muffler on the 5.7 from the guys on here. Things to keep an eye out for is the intake gasket if you loosing any fluid it is prob where its going. I replace my trany at 114000. other then that my 97 runs great.
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  3. 2COR517

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    AC Delco plugs. Premium wires, cap & rotor. PCV valve. Air & Fuel filters.

    Stay away from the K&N air filter. They do not trap fine dust well, and the oil will screw up your MAF.

    Don't forget to change all the fluids. Both diffs, transfer case, transmission.

    As mentioned, the intake gaskets on these engines are notorious for going bad. If you are losing ANY coolant, and don't have a visible leak, replace the gasket.

    BURNiNATOR New Member

    So what are you talking about with getting rid of the air muffler?

    BURNiNATOR New Member

    Fuel Injection Cleaner

    Any suggestions for fuel system cleaner?
  6. 2COR517

    2COR517 Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Seafoam. When you have about 10-12 gallons in the tank, dump a can or two of Seafoam in. Run it right down low.

    I personally wouldn't change the air filter/snorkel system. The factory design will flow a ton of air, and how often do you run WOT at high RPMS?

    BURNiNATOR New Member

    That makes sense...

    I've tried the seafom before on other vehicles, I'll do that again.
  8. 96_Tahoe

    96_Tahoe New Member

    I bought a set of Taylor street thunder wires from Summit racing for around $40, they worked great and were MUCH better than anything you would get at a parts store. Stick with AC delco plugs, change your FUEL filter for sure as well as any others you can afford to do. Trans should be dumped and changed. Use a good quality oil, I actually love the 5w40 Rotella full syn. it is cheaper than most any synthetic and works 5 times as hard. I run it in my cars, trucks, and motorcycles they all love it!

    And all 6 vortec motors I have known personally to have K&N filters all had ZERO issues, besides making more power, getting a tad better mileage and sounding mean. I ran my tahoe that way with the lid to the airbox removed and it was fine. Only time the oil will screw your maf is if you put on WAY to much, and you can always clean it out with a can of MAF cleaner or a q-tip and rubbing alcohol, but be careful.

    BURNiNATOR New Member


    So you can remove the top cover to the air box and run it that way?
  10. cobra2end

    cobra2end Rockstar 100 Posts

    The air muffler is the black box on the back of the intake that says vortec on it. if you take it off you can plug the hole with a paint can lid. I drilled holes in the top of my air box lid with a hole saw just 2 small ones to let more air in.

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