1998 Suburban valve cover PCV valve oil leak?

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    ve noticed I have s small slow oil leak -1998 Suburban 5.7 2wd 1500 -217,700 miles.
    When crawling underneath it I would find oil on the underside-roughly where you would find oil if the
    timing cover or the intake manifold or valve covers were leaking.
    The intake manifold gaskets were replaced-with the latest greatest stainless steel silicon gaskets-1.5 years ago- but like a lazy idiot I had a shade tree mechanic do it-with power tools( he had neat little electric wrench etc)-and he stripped/partially stripped the harmonic damper to crankshaft bolt(BIG BIG DEAL) several oil pan bolts, oil drain bolt cracked the new plastic timing cover-and God knows what else
    So despite the gaskets being changed recently I have no faith in his work-should check how he torqued them- but I doubt they are too loose- probably stripped some-who knows.
    NEVER GET LAZY AND HAVE SOMEONE ELSE DIY- even if you don't have the removal replacement tools(for damper)-should have spent $40 and bought it-which I finally had to do!!

    My question-I see oil on the drivers side valve cover. I also noticed that what I assume is the PCV valve comes out of that rubber seal VERY VERY EASILY- Seems loose and oil is partway up the PCV valve like it is misting spraying out there. The blocky little rubber seal that the PCV valve inserts into is also loose-I can easily move it a bit with my fingers and it is wet with oil there also.
    Do these leak commonly? Are they sold-the blocky 1" by 1" by 1/2" seal separately?
    Cheap right- Auto zone?
    PS This Suburban-bought April 2007-195,300 miles-$2950 - has been a very reliable winner of a truck.
    In fact since our $$ problems started-2005- it has been the ONLY bright spot.
    I bought it-sold a 2004 Honda Pilot( for$15,500 also a good vehicle-no complaints) because we needed the $$-expected the Suburban to be a worn out piece of junk-capable of getting us-3 adults 2 big dogs
    greyhounds + 4 cats 100 miles North in evacuations.
    It has been an absolute winner-reliable enough for 2 3000 mile trips-gets 12-15 mpg in pure city-
    averaged 21 mpg(no kidding) on those 60000 trip miles-all hy of course.
    Never didn't start or left us on the side of the road.AC works-power seats really comfortable-low trim level-LS but power seats mirrors rear AC lots of stuff.
    A winner! Lucked out for once!! Gets within 3 mpg of the much small-V-6 Honda Pilot-lot more comfortable for 2 adults and 2 large dogs to sleep in it also!!
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    You can buy that grommet from rockauto.com for less than $4.... They have 2.... One is $2.47 and the other is $3.74..... Shipping is actually more than the part.... No idea if you can get it anywhere else... Just have to check the stores...
  3. phoebeisis

    phoebeisis Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Thanks.I like to hear that sort of answer-cheap easy to find.
    My kind of repair

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