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    I have a 2002 Silverado and I am using Anzo front LED turn signal lights. They also have the LED DRLs in them but they were very dim for DRLs so I am now using the Recon LED DRLs and they are great and bright. I disconected the DRLs in the Anzo's. My question is, is there anyone or anywhere that I can get someone to change the DRL LEDs in the Anzo lights to the parking, blinker LEDs so they light up all the way across. I know it would need to be an electronics person but I was wondering if anyone knows of someone that does this sort of thing. Thanks in advance.

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    So that WHAT lights up all the way across? Do you want amber turn/parking lights all the way across? Do you want white DRL lights all the way across? Do you want to maintain the current mix of white/yellow and simply want the DRL's to remain on at night (thus all lights lit all the way across when, normally, your DRL's turn off when your low beams are on)?

    Please clarify.
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    :rofl: I want the LEDs that were used for the DRLs to be changed to the amber LEDs so that they light up all the way across amber, when I say all the way across I mean all the way across the Anzo corner lights. I am using the Recon LEDs under the bumper for the DRLs now. If you look at the picture maybe that will help. The inside 3 LEDs on each light were the DRLs but as I said they were useless, "way to dim". Thanks for the help, sorry if I wasn't clear.

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    Oh yeah, if you look on my profile and click on the home page you will see the video of my truck and it includes the lights when on and you will see what I am talking about very clearly. Thanks.

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