1999 5.7 1500 Sub' hesitation power loss misses

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  1. matthew acacia

    matthew acacia New Member

    Hello everyone...
    I have a '99 2wd C1500 5.7 Suburban with 83k miles.
    It hesitates/misses/loses power when attempting to accelerate.
    This problem started a few hours ago.
    It runs through the rpm range normally when parked in neutral.
    Six months ago I ran out of gas.
    It would not start after fuel was added. The Tow-truck driver struck the gas tank with a rubber mallet a few times and the truck started and ran normally.
    Three nights ago it would not start after running normally and being parked. I struck the gas tank with a padded piece of steel and it started.
    It idles and will run under light throttle application. It did run better for a few minutes after the problem surfaced but it resumed the problem after being parked and having the battery disconnected and reconnected.
    If it is the fuel pump what brand should be purchased and how difficult an install is it?

    Only the Best to You All

    matthew acacia
  2. MrShorty

    MrShorty Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    It sounds like a fuel pump issue. Before replacing, I'd hook up a fuel pressure gauge and test the fuel system to see.

    The biggest irritation for me when I changed the fuel pump in my '98 was dropping the tank, because my fuel pump decided to die right after filling that 44 gallon beast. It would have been a lot easier to change if the tank would have been near empty.
  3. cobra2end

    cobra2end Rockstar 100 Posts

    from all the pumps i seen go out its what it sounds like to me. I replaced mine myself cuz the shop wanted 300 bucks to do it. if i rember right the pump was around 100 bucks sorry dont rember the brand for sure but think it was a bosh . i dropped my tank insted of taking off the bed, is a pain to do if your by your self and have half a tank of gas its heaver then i thought it would be.
    I drained most of it out before i put it back in then replaced the fuel filter when i was all done.Its not hard to do just takes a little time.
  4. matthew acacia

    matthew acacia New Member

    Changed the fuel filter this morning, fuel was dirty. Pump needed coaxing again.
    Fuel pump is probably at fault, will change plugs, cap and rotor as well.
    Thanks again...

    M. A.

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