1999 A/C compressor clutch constantly spinning

Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by cookj, Jul 8, 2013.

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    Hello. I had a question regarding this new compressor i had installed about 4 weeks ago. I posted my question on another board but have yet to recieve a response. I had a mechanic install a new Murray compressor (from O'reillys), along with the accumulator and orifice tube; about 2 weeks later, had the actuator for the air inlet door replaced. The A/C seems to be blowing just fine, but, the blower box continues to sweat and drips some water on the passenger floor board. I assumed it was a clogged drain but it wasn't; I even bought a drain ell and added about 4" of tubing. To me, it sure seems like there is a lot of condensation happening at the evaporator. Anyway, this weekend I discovered the compressor clutch would not cycle off and assumed this was the reason for the excess condensation. I bought a new switch from Napa; this switch is located on the accumulator and I assume it is the low psi cutoff and/or the A/C compressor clutch cycling switch. I replaced this switch but the clutch will not dis-engage. Also, according to the last check performed, the low and high side pressures are within range (I want to say 40psi for the low, and 250psi on the high side). Does anyone have any suggestions on what may be happening here? Any feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks again, James
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    cookie, the clutch is operated by a relay. Contacts on the relay are probably fused. A new relay should solve the problem. It should be mounted on the underhood fuse panel. It should be marked with HVAC and something that looks like a short version of clutch
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    thanks Ray, i'll check it out after work! I didn't bother checking this relay earlier because i assumed since the compressor was working, it couldn't be bad. I'll post what i find this evening. Thanks again!! James

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