1999 Chevy S-10 2wd 4.3L engine R&R

Discussion in 'Chevy S10 Forum (GMC Sonoma)' started by Ceej, Apr 21, 2013.

  1. Ceej

    Ceej New Member

    Was searching for Engine R&R, replacement and various other ways of putting it.
    No joy.
    What is the accepted method for putting the engine back in the truck? Engine and tranny together, or separate?

    The engine was shipped with everything still on it, including the complete wiring harness, and
    everything still connected to it, including the shift module. Is there a best practices way to sling
    the engine/engine transmission for the trip back in? Will I need to remove the radiator support to do so?
    The fan is still mounted up, along with the induction clear out to the cold air intake. Really complete!
    This is a 1999 S-10 2 wheel drive standard cab pickup. 4.3W going in the place of the 4.3X (Bad rod and crank.)
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  2. geo1

    geo1 Member 100 Posts

    i would double check the angle of that manifold!now is the time to regasket everything,i would split motor and trans and change seals and put in separate,bit of extra work,but well worth it,i mean how long has the new to you motor been sitting,any length of time could dry up seals,so dry and clean now,give it a week and more than likely something will weep,like i said now is the time,but you might have better luck than i do
  3. Ceej

    Ceej New Member

    To install the pan, the transmission must be mounted. (That's what I'm reading about the cast pans in the FSM.) It's harder than heck to get to the bolts at the firewall. I don't know if I actually can. I pulled the old engine with the transmission. What I was hoping was, with the truck up higher, I could increase the package angle of the assembly to reinstall the complete engine/transmission and not have to deal with those bolts. For some reason, my carriage return doesn't work in the editing/reply window. Something in the board setup?
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  4. geo1

    geo1 Member 100 Posts

    one item i remember now is you have to jack up cab,one side or the other to get top bellhousing bolts,i have small hands,so the last one i did,i did not remove body mounts and raise cab

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    what was with the manifold?
  5. Ceej

    Ceej New Member

    I asked about using the manifolds from the Astro van.
    Then thought to myself, "You Nimrod! go see if the Y-pipe fits!"
    It didn't, so question answered!
  6. Ceej

    Ceej New Member

    Finally got back out to the shop. Both engines side by side on stands. The Astro pan is much deeper, and the dipstick points out the front. Will these clear the hood?
    I assume the Astro pan is built this way to clear the steering. Will the deeper pan cause clearance issues?

    Removing the pan will cause more work, but I'll do it if I have to. The pan on this engine can't be reinstalled unless the transmission is already bolted up.
    I don't have a transmission stand, so it's going to be a PITA.


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