1999 rear axle seal?

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by hdominic, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. hdominic

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    Hey guys,
    I have a situation here that I would greatly appreciate some incite on. I have a 1999 GMC suburban 2500, 4X4, 7.4L, all options. I got the biggest rear end that was offered for that model I think a Dana __ (I can't remember the number). The rear right axle seal was leaking; causing fluid to get into my drum. I removed the axle and then the bearings/seal with little issue. However, I realized that the parts needed to install the new bearings/seals would have to be ordered since I did not own them, and no one I knew had them. Now comes my predicament. From the time I removed the seal until I the time I got the install tools, I forgot which way the seal is supposed to be installed!

    If I put the seal in one way, the rubber does not make contact with the bearing but would contact the axle when installed. If I install the seal the other way, the rubber makes contact with the bearing, but not with the axle. I have the GM shop manuals and they do not say which way to install it (that I can find) and I am unable to find out how it should be done.

    If anyone has done this procedure or knows where I can get directions/pictures I would be most grateful.

    Thank you guys for your help!

    ~ Dominic

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    :party:WELCOME :party:

  3. azdrtdog

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    if that is a full floater rear corp 14 then the seal goes in so that the rubber lip faces into the hub to keep the oil from getting past and out to tube I think thats what your askin we are talking full floater not semi with axle, flange, lugs one piece
  4. hdominic

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    Hey guys, thank you for the advice and for checking with your friend.
    I think the rear end is a Dana 70.

    azdrtdog: I think I understand what your saying, although I'm not sure what "floater" means.

    The way the rear end is set up is, you remove 8 bolts on the axle (Wheel side), then you pull the axle out. Next you remove a "hub assembly" or whatever it is called which houses your inner and outer bearings. The seal then sits against the outer (wheell) side bearing.

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    Yes, its a full floater !!!!!

    And the way he said is correct !!!

    GET-R-DONE !!!:lol::glasses:
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    WOOT! haha glad you got the answer your looking for :)
  7. azdrtdog

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    ya thats a full floater refering to the drive axle not touching bearings even though one side bolts to the hub
  8. hdominic

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    Guys thank you so much!

    You turned what may have been an abysmal experience into a positive one. Thank you all for your input!

    I've been on a lot of forums for different reasons and you have all been nice and great!

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