1999 S10 Xtreme

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  1. BurbanMan

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    That wouldn't look bad at all bud! Keep the updates coming! I'm enjoying your build
  2. 95_5spd

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    Here's a quick idea i made. Looks pretty good i think. Not sure i i'm gonna try it though. That will have to wait until spring/summer time.

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  3. 95_5spd

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    Well, i got in a small crash yesterday in the Xtreme.. Got very very lucky though.

    I went up to Syracuse yesterday and was on the way home around 8:30 at night. It ended up snowing a bit, had about and inch on the ground and snow was still coming down a bit so i was taking my time. I was probably one of the couple people going the slowest as people were still blowing by me.

    I was coming to long easy right hand turn so i slowly started slowing down and as i was going into the turn i just lost traction totally. ABS was kicking back on the pedal, couldn't turn. Got off the brake and tried turning slowly. It started to get traction again so i kept it on the shoulder but then it started sliding again. So i just tried to control it the best i could as i slid off of the road towards the guardrail.
    I was able to keep it from hitting head on. But I slid into it on the side. It hit the back of the bed first then slide the side of the truck into the rail and bounced me back towards the road. Luckily i stopped before i went back into the road because i probably would have gotten hit by any on coming.

    Damage wise i'm super lucky. It knocked the tail light out but did not break it. I popped it back in at the rest stop that was up the road. There is a pretty big dent where it hit the bed near the tail light which could very well be popped out and worked a little bit.
    The front fender has 2 dents in it. At this point i'm not even gonna mess with getting those out. I'll try to find a red fender off another s10 and be done with it. The head light is perfectly fine which is shocking because the one dent is right next to the light.
    The third door has a very very small dent in it. Size of a golf ball maybe which is right at the back of the cab.
    Scraped a little paint off of the front and rear fender flares. Only a small line at the top of each one.
    Very light scratches down the side of the truck. Door is fine.

    It sounded like there was gonna be a lot of damage when i hit but i lucked out like crazy. Still pissed cause i just got the dang thing and this happens but there's nothing i can do about it. Just gotta move on and fix the damage. It's not really noticeable until you go up to the truck and look at it. Just thankful that no more damage happened and i didn't get hurt.

    I'll put up pics tomorrow.
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  4. 95_5spd

    95_5spd Active Member 2 Years 100 Posts

    More of this stuff!

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  5. MEP1

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    You got banned on S10forums?

    What happened?
  6. 95_5spd

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    I did? Last time I checked I was on. If so, prolly just a bunch of cry babies. Oh well. I sent complaint to them about you guys nd nothing happened. The dumb ones always win lol move on
  7. MEP1

    MEP1 New Member

    Looks like anus.
  8. 95_5spd

    95_5spd Active Member 2 Years 100 Posts

    I'm not doing that. It was just an idea which is why it's Photoshop. Just to see what it would look like.
  9. Gramps43

    Gramps43 Member 1 Year

    Kinda' looks as though your camera needs a tune-up or you are using the early 20th century cloudy picture feature of your software.:money: Truck looks sweet, youse guys have snow to contend with, out here we have rain. Eight inches for this month and fourteen for the year on our way toward our yearly average of eighty seven inches. And the only place to work on my dime is my rough as a cob concrete driveway to work on. Years ago I had a wild idea and looked into the SBA for help, that was a bomb, but anyway the idea was to open a community garage and call it DIY DRY. It would have four or five bays, maybe two bays with lifts and one with a pit. It's raining and you need to change your oil or do something easy, no tear apart, type maint. and the wife says no way to mechanic'n in the garage cause the kids play in there on rainy days. So you come to my place of bus. with your oil and tools and for a couple of bucks or so an hour you rent a bay and do your thing. I take care of your dirty oil and old filters, you're dry and the wife is happy. Everybody told me it wouldn't fly cause insurance would kill me or some other ****-a-maimy reason so I dropped it, damn.
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  10. 95_5spd

    95_5spd Active Member 2 Years 100 Posts

    Yea I'm not sure what's up with my camera. It used to take really clear pictures. Gotta look at the settings.
    I hate how the driveway is at my house. Very very pricey to have it black topped. Gotta just deal with it. I do have a garage I can pull in and park so that's good. Cold weather is the problem.

    It was warmer today though. Went out and got a good amount of the dent by the tail light out. Light doesn't sit in right yet but I was able to get it mounted in and stays good. I may see how much it'll cost to have that area done by a body shop. Its a hard area to do. Has to be perfect to have the light sit in there the way it should.
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