1999 Silverado brake problems; brake booster? help..

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by Nick_Escalante, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. Nick_Escalante

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    Hi, I recently replaced 4 rotors / calipers / pads on my '99 silverado. I bled the system, but noticed that there was no pressure and the pedal was traveling to the floor with minimal braking. So we replaced the master cylinder, bench bleed it, and now have brakes. The old MC was original, 110,000 miles.

    But here is the problem, we've bled the system multiple times, from MC, each wheel, and the pedal is still spongy. Also, the brake pedal seems to have developed a 'binding' noise coming from the brake booster when depressed.

    Could the brake booster be failing and causing these problems? Or I've been reading that the rubber brake lines could be causing the problem.

    I found this video on youtube. This is the EXACT same thing that is happening with my pedal.


    Any input would be appreciated. thank you.
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  2. alberto3a

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    My 99 suburban used to have this problem, then we noticed some leak around the hydrobooster with powersteering fluid, it turned out that the hydrobooster failed and we have to replace the hydrobooster since there was no way to repair it (according to my mechanic).

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