1999 Silverado factory security system??

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by JM Brooks, Feb 5, 2010.

  1. JM Brooks

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    I have a 1999 Silverado LS X-cab 2WD and I was looking for info on the factory security system. What does it consist of? How does it work? How can I test it for functionality? How good is it? What can I do to add extra security? I can't spend a lot on some after-market alarm or lojack.

    I recently had my other family car stolen (a mini van no less). My truck is high on the theft list and it sits outside in front of my house. Parking in the garage is not an option. I don't want to have to go through the hassle and expense of replacing it. I paid $16K for the van 2 years ago and the insurance co only gave me $10K :grrrrrr:.

    Any advise would be appreciated.

  2. JM Brooks

    JM Brooks New Member

    Anyone got any help?
  3. JM Brooks

    JM Brooks New Member

    Anyone got any help??? :neutral:
  4. vncj96

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    Honestly, if a thief wants it there is nothing you as the owner can do about it. My suggestion is keep it off their radar. Lets face it they stole a van of all things so its not like these particular knuckleheads are after high end vehicles. Car theft is a crime of opportunity. Just keep things that are stored in your truck out of site, most of the time thats what small timers are after, the valuables left in a vehicle.
  5. shadowt_t

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    try to find a security system that if some 1 stolen ur car it will turn off after 5 min i mean when some 1 broken ur car and turn it on with do something like code it will stop after 1 mile or any time u want
    5 min 1 min
    u select any code for example when u start the truck press bracke 2 times and press horn go reverece and u can go
    ihave this 1 in iraq ask about this system
  6. JM Brooks

    JM Brooks New Member

    Thanks Jason, I do all you suggested. I was just looking to find out what I have and if it is good enough just add another layer of security like a kill switch. Maybe a red blinking light also (don't laugh, experts say if it looks difficult to thieves they will just move on to easier targets.

    I'd still like to know the specifics to the stock security system.

  7. mmorgan1865

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    Do you have OnStar in the vehicle? If it is stolen they can track it and even slow it down when the police arrive.
  8. Gambit

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    thats why i wont get an onstar vehicle. When i go rob the railroads money from the bank i dont want someone i cant even see stopping me.
  9. mmorgan1865

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    You wouldn't use a beautiful truck like that for anything illegal. They'd probably confiscate it at the scene and fight over who gets to drive it to impound!

  10. JM Brooks

    JM Brooks New Member

    No Onstar


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