1999 Silverado possible rear end noise issue??

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by RP99Silverado, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. RP99Silverado

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    Hi guys, new to the forum. I have a 1999 chevy silverado 1500. iIt has 152k on it. The brakes all around were in need of changing badly. So I replaced the rear rotors, calipers and pads. I also attempted to replace the parking break shoe. Upon first test drive I heard some terrible noises going on in the rear including a clunking at every rotation. I for starting reading around about the nightmare setup for the parking break my year vehicle. So today I pulled the parking brake shoes out all together and test drove again. There is a clunking going on. I jacked it back up and noticed that I was able to turn the rear wheels when the truck is in park and the key is out. I don't think this is normal. It sounds like there is a clunking in the rear end. At every rotation, there is a clunking and you can see the driveshaft shake every time it clunks. Any idea what it is? It's strange that I never got this noise before I did the brakes. I also installed 2 piece backing plates from LMC trucks to replace the rusted out old ones. Please help with ideas.--Thanks
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    First if you have an open diff in the rear one tire could spin but both shouldn't. First, I would take a close look at your rear u-joint, grab the driveshaft and turn it hard both ways while looking at the u-joint. Is there any play if so replace it. Take the rear cover off the diff, let the oil drain, have someone turn the tire while you look inside. Jurk the tire left and right. One of these steps should help you find the issue.
  3. RP99Silverado

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    is it nomal while the truck is in the air and in park for one wheel to spin forward and the other to spin backwards while the driveshaft doesnt move? could there be a issue with the transfer case holding the ds and the rear gear clunks when it turns thru the locked driveshaft?
  4. Boonduff

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    Yes, it's normal for the wheels to spin opposite directions without turning the driveshaft in the situation you describe. The drivshaft is locked in park, and you're just spinning the spider gears in the diff.
  5. RP99Silverado

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    That's a promising post. I didn't have any time to check further tonight. I plan on disconnecting the DS at the rear ujoint and turning the wheels again while in the air and in park to see if I get the clunk on every full rotation, then I know it's in the rear end. Any thoughts as to what the clunk may be at every 360 degree full rotation? When it clunks, you can see the DS wiggle a bit. A friend says it may be the transfer case causing an issue. I don't think that's it. ??? How hard is it to change the rear ring and pinion. I have been working on cars for 25 years and been deep into the motors but I have always feared the rear gears. Everyone says there so hard to shim and install correctly??
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