1999 Suburban back glass lift supports

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  1. Dixiechef

    Dixiechef New Member

    I am trying to find the AC Delco or GM part number for the back glass lift supports, my suburban has a glass that lifts up and a tailgate that drops down. I ordered two Monroe struts from Amazon that said they fit my vehicle, but they were twice the size I needed. I think they fit one where the whole back lifts up without a drop down tailgate. Can anyone help me with the numbers so I can order the correct lifts.
  2. Pikey

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    I am assuming that it is a new body style not the old style. If so then how about these numbers, 15029087for the left side and 15029088 for the right side. Those are the number s for a 2000 model. The site I looked on only went back to 2000. Go to www.GMpartsclub.com , type in your vin and you should be able to find the correct part for your 99(if the above numbers are not correct) Also,
    They are vendors that support this site.
    Here is gmpartsclub promo code : save25
    25% off shipping costs now through this spring and maybe the summer
  3. Dixiechef

    Dixiechef New Member

    Thanks for the help! I will try the website tonight when I get home, Dixiechef
  4. EzraBrooks

    EzraBrooks New Member

    Try rockauto.com. Find your vehicle and look until Body-Exterior, and then Lift Support.
  5. vncj96

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    Well being a 99 suburban owner like you, finding replacement parts especailly for the interior is getting harder, many arent even made/available fr0m GM anymore. Start with an auto body, they might be able to help, or start checking craigslist or pull your part junkyards for the parts. You can also go to monroes actual website and find more stuff for your correct vehicle. Many people selling car parts on amazon or ebay dont seem to realize the a 99 suburban/tahoe is not the same body style as a 99 silverado.

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