1999 Suburban barn door part... what's it called?

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    Hi gang, my 1999 Suburban has a broken latch assembly, and I'm having a tough time finding the name of the part I need. I don't know what that part is because it's missing, and I can't find any diagrams that show it. But here are some snapshots, so hopefully someone can help me identify what it is.

    First, here's the full door (driver's side rear cargo door) with the inside panel removed so we know what we're looking at.
    suburban_door 001s.jpg

    Now we zoom in on the latch assembly, and you can see it seems to be missing a nut/clip/cap to hold it in place.
    suburban_door 002s.jpg

    And finally here's me holding the assembly in place with a screwdriver. You can make out the dirt ring where the missing nut/clip/cap was.
    suburban_door 003s.jpg

    It's not an ordinary nut because there are no threads on the spindle. That's what makes me think it's a clip or a tight-fitting cap. I tried using a split washer, pinched as tight as I could make it, but it slips off the minute you lift the handle. Same happened when I tried a cotter pin. Anyone know what the missing part is called so I can order one?

    I searched this site and found this thread which has a general diagram but I don't see the part I need. Any ideas?
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    I have a LMC catalog that covers both mine and yours (I have a 98). I figured I'd be able to find it there but no luck. Below you'll find the e-version of the same catalog from LMC. Maybe you'll have better luck than me... Greg

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