1999 Suburban factory option codes

Discussion in 'Chevy Suburban Forum (GMC Yukon XL)' started by ChevyFan, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. ChevyFan

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  2. Bikeman

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    If had the last 8 #s of the vin I can get the build codes from gm-vis.

    Assuming I don't need some goverment password now. J/K
  3. vncj96

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    open your Glove box they are all on a label inside of it. Just google GM RPO ---(code) so for a rear locker its G80 the you google GM RPO G80
  4. Jacqson

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    Go down to your dealer parts department and give them the VIN. They will print you out an RPO sheet for that vehicle with an explanation of every option code.

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