1999 Suburban front clip / body work

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by capcan, Apr 28, 2009.

  1. capcan

    capcan New Member

    Can some one please tell me how to remove the complete front clip as one piece from a 1999 Suburban.
  2. Gryphon

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    Plasma torch.

    I really don't know if you can, but look for the mounting bolts and see what you think. Usually, you have the inner fenderwell bolts and the outer fender bolts to the firewall, a couple body mounts, then the front mount(s) and any connecting bolts to the front cross-member. Pull the radiator and hood and look around.

    It's not really that hard lining things back up after removing it all in pieces. Bag and label all the fasteners and use a Sharpie or some of the wife's nail polish to make alignment marks. Take pictures of anything you may not be sure about, and don't underestimate the holding power of underbody and seam sealer. An old razor knife works good on those. If you are not a crow-bar and sledge-hammer kind of guy, you should be just fine.

    Oh yeah, and my fave tip of all: stick to soda for the build-time. You can dive into the barley-pop all ya want after the tools get put away.
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  3. azdrtdog

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    Unbolt the core support from frame the unbolt the fenders from cab

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