1999 Suburban K1500 for $800

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  1. wolf424242

    wolf424242 New Member

    My friend has a 5.7 Suburban that he will sell to me for 800. He has had it since 2005, it's lifted on I believe 315's, has 225,000 miles, and has a bad transmission or something. He puts it in gear and floors it but it goes nowhere and he assumes the transmission just went and needs to be replaced. I'm not sure if it would be worth buying and putting a used transmission in so I was looking for advice on what I should check and replace before buying a transmission if it is even worth buying. It only has some surface rust and the brakes were redone when it was lifted. I have spent hours reading about these vehicles but havent learned as much as I'd like to. Any help and advice is greatly appreciated as I don't know much about Suburbans.
  2. gmc2000

    gmc2000 New Member

    I have a 1999 surburban ls. I bought it in 2000 with 36000 miles on it. The problems I have had are as follows. Fuel pump replaced 3 times. dimmer control for lights,cruise control,wipers, replaced. I just found out this week that I will need to replace my fuel injector. Driver side window motor. Fuel pump was 600.00 a pop,dimmer control switch was 400.00,window motor 235.00, fuel injector if I do it myself 300.00, shop price 800.00. I like the surburban a lot that is why I have kept it for so long. It sounds like to me you work on cars and can save yourself some money. I not saying to buy your buddies but if like it I think that it is a dependable car. I have been very happy with mine and plan on to keep driving it.
  3. Family Force 6

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    I wouldn't count out the transfer case as a possible issue.
    I personally would be leery of a lifted truck. If it's done well you have extra expense on suspension components that wear quicker. It it wasn't done well, it could be a nightmare.
    If the engine was maintained well it will last between 250K and 300K or more.
    There is a really good thread on common issues of 1999 Suburbans here http://www.gmtruckclub.com/forum/showthread.php/36130-common-problems-1999-Suburban-350-CID-5-7L It's a good place to start to learn about these. I love mine, but I've had several issues in the last 20K miles (it now has 202K)
  4. phoebeisis

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    I bought my 1998 Suburban in 2007 with 195,000 miles on it-for $2950.
    Everything worked-
    and 1 year before the trans had been rebuilt-$2000-he showed me receipt-I have it
    2 year before AC and other stuff redone-another $2000
    Since then I have
    1)Replaced radiator-$160-new aftermarket off ebay+ coolant
    2)Water pump-auto zone $155
    3) front torsion bar bracket $10 GM
    4)Brake booster-Autozone $140
    5) Couple of inside door handles-$15-$20 each-slight PITA pop rivets etc
    6)iNTAKE MANIFOLD GASKETS-$60 for gaskets-and $300 paid to idiot(only time I had someone else do work-big mistake-he stripped all sorts of bolts threads-freakin mess-broke new plastic timing cover-learned that lesson
    7) plastic timing cover replaced
    8) timing chain replaced
    9)Fixed windshield washer reservoir
    10) finally fixed rain leak into drivers side- coming in under hood where body meets engine bay-under hood
    11) heater fitting-cheap
    12-other stuff I've forgotten

    In any case-maybe $1400 in parts+$300 in labor-DIY-
    If I had had shops do the work-maybe $6000!!

    My point- it is usually better to buy the vehicle in the BEST CONDITION you can afford!!
    Only buy a "parts vehicle" as a parts vehicle.
    Usually it is a bad idea to buy a "not running" vehicle with the intention to get it running and put it in full service. The cost quickly becomes more than it would cost to buy the best 1999 you can afford.

    Oh well-just my take on it.i bought many many "running but beat up" motorcycles-for fun hobby make a few $$-and frankly-I regret buying most of the "runs good but needs..." bikes
    Same story with trucks cars
    and this one-isn't even driving.
    It CERTAINLY HAS $800 WORTH of parts-but could be a money pit if you intend for it to be your full time vehicle/

    What does a good running 1999 4x4 Suburban go for where you are?? Here NOLA- it would be under $4000 for a good running one-with everything working-AC HEAT WINDOWS SEATS
    It would have lots of miles-200,000-but would be in good shape
  5. wolf424242

    wolf424242 New Member

    I never thought of it being the transfer case. They go for quite a bit more than I can afford around here. I don't get paid much at the moment so it is important to keep everything on a budget which is why I was interested. I can do any work on it myself so that helps a lot. I have an 88 c1500 pickup but it needs an engine and alternator so I could take the engine from the Suburban. I really need a decent vehicle so I can get a better job but I can't afford anything at the job I have now. Financing isn't an option because I'm 18 and don't have any credit yet. Thanks for all the advice so far.
  6. phoebeisis

    phoebeisis Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Around here you could get a pretty good-everything works 2wd Suburban for $2500-maybe $1000 more for 4x4
    It is really really easy for not running trucks to become money pits
    I know how it is to be broke-so be careful

    The 99 has a different type fuel injection than the 1988- and the trans are a bit different
    Not sure which way would be best-
    I would be tempted to use the 1988 trans in the 1999-??
    maybe there is someway to make the 4x4 just 4x2-forget transfer case
    Probably all sorts of reasons that won't work

    My suspicion is that 1999 might have a decent motor and decent body
    AC work?. heater ?? trim seats
    Does it look like it was loved maintained-or does it look like a POS??
    Your buddy has given up on it=that MIGHT be an indication that it is TOO EXPENSIVE to fix
    Why did he give up on it?? Is he a friend or just someone you know??

    I'm not being helpful-but best to buy something that runs-that way you KNOW the trans is good

    What would a good running 96-99 truck or suburban go for where you are??
    What is the most you could reasonably pay-as a lump- to get a running vehicle??

    Used transmission-craigs list-could be $300-$500-and you don't know it will work right-pig in poke-transfer case-used-pretty pricy and once again-pig in poke
    A RUNNING vehicle is probably best bet-fair chance you could dump $2000 in parts into this one-and find out it has lots of other problems-
    Like Family force says-lifted truck means someone beat it up-and it stressed the driveline-

    I would look for a runner-the best one i could afford-from private party that liked it- maintained it-but bought newer one-didn't want to take pittance they would get in trade in

    I've bought sooo many POS motorcycles and bicycles-yeah they can drain you pouring money and work into them- I was a SLOW learner I guess!!
  7. Family Force 6

    Family Force 6 Rockstar 100 Posts

    Unless you need a truck for your job I'd suggest looking for a different type of vehicle. I owned a 1988 toyota corolla (2dr coupe) that cost next to nothing in repairs and gas. It was super dependable and cheap. For $1000-$1500 you could pick one up (I like the 1988-92 series) and put the money you'll save on gas in to a cookie jar for your next car. Save the cash then move up to a little nicer vehicle. I also have had excellent fortune with my 93 lincoln town car. Any of the panther series (grand marquis, crown vic and town car) were built to be abused and driven forever. They also get decent fuel economy for a big tank (I get about 18-20 around town)
    Suburbans are great and ours has served its purpose well as a people hauler (6 in our family). Really think about what you need your vehicle to do.

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