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  1. corvettegreg

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    I recently purchased a 1999 GMC Suburban SLT which has a rear seat entertainment system. I have no directions and some components are missing. The display is Audiovox and it is in a overhead console that looks factory. It has the rear air controls etc all built in. The VCR is missing. The box and all the wiring is under the LH middle seat. I connected an old VCR to the cables and I do get video.
    There are auxilary input jacks and headphone jacks to the front of the display, and if I plug a set of headphone in I get the sound. I ordered a sony 12v VCP to mount below the seat.
    Were the headphones in these vehicles all wired? There is a large black oval area in the OH console behind the display controls and I wondered if there is a wireless antenna in there?? Does anyone know where I could locate some instructions for this system? Thanks:great:
  2. vncj96

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    Not factory, it would be from an aftermarket installer or the dealership had it done but the factory offered no such thing back then.
  3. cmcolfax

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    Resurrecting an old thread... How hard would it be to add an aftermarket RES (Stereo / DVD) to a 99 Burb LT?
  4. Pikey

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    Not hard at all. I have seen plenty of them out there. If you check ebay you can find them for around $150-$200. Some have a transmitter inside that sends a signal at like 88.1 fm, so you can just turn your radio to that channel and the system plays thru the speakers. If you look around some will come with 2 IR headphones, a game controller, a remote control, and a game disc for the same price that others want just for the system. I am sure that a name brand would be a nicer unit, but in my opinion I would rather buy 3 cheap units in 10 years, than 1 highend one. I have watched guys install them and it is pretty strait forward. It comes with a template that you cut your headliner around. You wire to power, a ground, and with some a interior light trigger.
  5. cmcolfax

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    I have done enough car stereo installs over the years that I figured the wiring aspects would be easy enough.

    When I have a little $ will start looking around...


  6. Pikey

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    If you have done installs you are good to go! It will be a piece of cake. Really look around good when hunting for the unit. Like I said, some will come with tons of stuff for the same price that someone wants for just the player (same brands)
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    Do I gotta ask?

    Pics! We want pics! Before. During. After.

    If you really want to impress ... video.

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