1999 Suburban Running Lights

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    Both Running lights on my 1999 Suburban are not coming on. The light on the dash which indicates that they should be on is working (goes off with the emergency brake depressed and comes on when the emergency break is released) Does any one know how to diagnose the problem. Both High and Low beams are working fine.
  2. hac20853

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  3. tbplus10

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    From looking at the wireing schematic the DRL system is parallel to the headlight system, the difference is the switch at the parking brake and the dash light. It has it's own relay and fuse.
    How did you check the relay?
    If the relay is working then it has to be a grounding problem at the light. This is the only item downstream of the light that will stop it from working.
  4. hac20853

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    Thank you for the response. I did not measure the relay with volt/ohm meter. I only felt it clicking when I depressed and released the emergency brake. Could you please tell me where each of the 5 terminals on the relay are wired to?
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    Check the fuse for the DRL's. When it is removed, the DRL's don't come on, but the indicator on the dash does.
  6. hac20853

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    Fuse is good.

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