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    Hello All, brand new to the forum, but a long time Chevy Truck enthusiast. My main project is a '74 Stepside that I've been rebuilding and hot rodding for a decade now. However, I recently picked up a 1999 Suburban K1500 LT for relatively cheap and I took it to get revived by my local shop after buying various replacement parts online at Summit and JCWhitney

    Thinking it would be easy and doing no research of my own, I followed the fitment suggestions of the above retailers and thus far I have purchased two different types of shock absorber to fit to the front suspension, but the mechanic is telling me neither will fit due to the diameter of the shock intersecting the other suspension components. Eventually I had to go with the Monroe Reflex Shoc mentioned in this post thread.

    The first two types were; Tuff Country TFY-69101 and then a Rancho RS9000XLâ„¢Adjustable Shock Absorber.

    I wanted to get some information on good shocks to upgrade the suspension and improve ride quality?

    I was also wondering if the mechanic was doing something wrong and why these shocks wouldn't fit? Is the retailers fitment information just wrong?

    Any info is appreciated. Thanks.
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    Bilstein 4600 series number 24-104050 for the front and 24-02411 for the rear. that is if it is 4x4 which I assume it is because you said the model is a K1500.
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    Thanks. Looking at them in the Bilstein catalogue now (see attached). I'm going to return the others and ditch the Monroe Shocks that have been installed already. And yes its 4x4. K1500, not C1500. Pretty sure that's the way they distinguish...

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    just to let you know [MENTION=52157]AutoAnything[/MENTION] will price match anyone, they have awesome customer service and they are a sponsor on the forum.

    - - - Updated - - -

    as far as the shocks not fitting goes. I did have an issue with my 2002 2wd silverado when I purchased replacement shocks. I bought a set of gabriel heavy duty shocks for the front (before I knew better) the parts store insisted that they would fit. The problem was that they would not fit thru the lower control arm to install them. I tried jacking up the truck and having the control arm all the way down and I still could not get them in. I find it odd that 2 different companies shocks would not fit though.

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