1999 with broken rear upper shock mount

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    Hey all, first post. I'm looking for a winter beater and came across a 1999 Silverado w/ 280 000 kms (173K miles) single cab RWD for sale for $800 obo. The body is in great shape except for the cab corners which isn't a big deal really.

    The big problem with it is the rear upper passenger shock-mount had broken away from the rear crossmember and there isn't any good metal to weld a new mount to. The entire crossmember is badly rusted and needs to be replaced although the remainder of the frame is fine. Can that piece of the frame even be replaced easily? If it's cut, wouldn't the rear frame have to be realigned to ensure it's properly set? Should I just pass and keep looking?

    Forgive me for the stupid questions, I'm used to fixing helicopters and motorcycles. I've never done much to a truck.
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    Just brace up the frame before cutting the original cross member. Cut it out, weld in a new one, then weld in the shock mounts and what ever else is on it. Or, you could go to a junkyard, find a truck similar to yours, and cut the cross member out of it. Then all you will have to do is just cut your old one out, then well this new one in.

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