1st post introduction with a couple of questions (leveling/steering column knocking)

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    Hey guys, I just bought a used Silverado about a month ago and wanted to get involved in a good forum for help/support throughout the time I own my truck.

    My name is Will. I'm 24 and live in north Alabama (War Eagle!). I love sports and the outdoors. The truck I just bought is a 2005 Silverado extended cab. It has the 5.3L engine (maybe flex fuel version, not sure though), Z71 package, and is 4x4. I bought it from my local Chevy dealer in early August. I plan on using my truck to tow my boat (17ft Basstracker), tow my horses, cattle, and goats in a 16 ft bumper pull stock trailer, haul farm supplies including hay, feed, fertilizer, posts, etc, and use as my means of transportation outside of my work commute for which I have a gas saver. I'll also add, in regards to my car, that I'm about to list it for sale in order to buy an older car from my parents where I will hopefully be able to pocket $2-3000 which I can use to customize my truck. I'll try to take a few pics when I get home to upload.

    So on to the questions I had. First off, I would like a leveling kit for the front end. It currently has on stock size street tires which will need to be replaced soon, but I would like to get slightly larger A/T tires. The front isn't too low but A/T tires would most definitely rub. I'm not planning on doing recreational offroading but I will be doing a fair share of driving in pastures, hunting roads, as well as launch my boat at unimproved launches. Despite reading other posts on the subject, I'm still unsure of what method is best when leveling a truck. I don't want my ride to suffer nor do I want to put extra stress on any of the driving components. It seems like almost all leveling kits are sold as just torsion keys. I know cranking the torsion bars creates a stiffer ride but what exactly are torsion keys doing to give them an advantage over just cranking the bars? I know, it's probably a dumb question. Also, are torsion keys all that come in these kits? It seems as if new shocks with longer travel would be needed, however, I didn't see any pure leveling kits that came with any.

    My other issue is related to the apparently common, steering column clunking/knocking noise. The noise wasn't there when I bought the truck nor was it present for the first couple hundred miles but the other day I took an old country back road as a shortcut to a buddies house and noticed the noise immediately when making my first turn off of that road. This road was one where it is more potholes and attempted pothole patchjobs than actual original road. My truck was taking it pretty rough which is to be expected with a Z71 package, no load in the bed, and on a road that is terrible to drive on no matter the vehicle. Anyways, the knocking noise is now noticeable when turning left or right at slow speeds or even occasionally when going around bends in the road at say 15 mph. I also notice it when moving straight ahead and very slowly when going down my driveway, which is gravel. I found a replacement upper column shaft from http://www.gmpartsdirect.com/results.cfm?singlepart=1&partnumber=19153614 which is pretty cheap at $58 and the labor looks about as basic as can be. Any advice on this knocking issue and is going with the replacement part in the link advised?

    Thanks in advance for any responses to my questions and thanks for also taking the time to read my post!
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    Unlocked this thread, new members can't have any links on their first posts or they will get flagged as spam.
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    Thanks Steve and sorry about that.

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