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    When back home on break from Afghanistan, I purchased a new Denali. It's a great truck to drive, but I can't stand that nose low low to the road look.
    I'llbe back in less than two months and am planning my first round of mods for it.

    I think I'll keep it simple:

    1. Get the bed coated
    2. Install the R.C 3" lift with the replacement upper control arms
    3. wheels and tires
    and possibly...

    For wheels and tires, I think I'll either go with 18" of perhaps backward to 17's (tires are just cheaper!)
    Q: Assuming a 3" lift, can I get away with a 33" or do I need to stay with a 32" diameter tire?
    Q: What trimming is required to fit the 33" with no fitment or rubbing issues?
    Q: What offset (Back space) wheel is perferred: 4.5"?? 5"??

    Another issue I want to address is (as always) the exhaust. My Denali has the 6.2L 403Horse engine and the piping is 3.5". The aftermarket kits all seem to have the smaller 3" diameter piping which should hurt flow in lieu of increasing it. THose kits are no doubt made for the 4.8. 5.3, and 6.0 L engines...

    Finally, I think I'll get a programer. I don't see one that addresses shift points, firmness, RPM and so forth for the 6-speed Denali/ Escalade products.

    Ideas/ thoughts??

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