2.2" Ready Lift on 2009 Silverado

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    With factory 20" rims,what it the largest tires I can install on this truck.I'm looking at Nitto Terra Grappler-LT285/55R/20. These tires are 32.28" tall.The other tire is a Michelin LTX A/T2.These tires are 32.4" tall.They are bot load range e. I'm leaning towards the Michelin.
    I want to know if any of you have used a 305/55R/20 sized tire with this setup,and what do you think about the two tires that I mentioned above.By the way the Michelin LTX is also 285/55R/20. Thanks for your time and replies..J.H.
    This truck is a 2wd,ext cab,1/2 ton...
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