2.5" lift- Is there such a thing? 2010 sierra

Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by Falcone, Nov 6, 2013.

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    Hey guys, so it's coming time to get new tires and I'd like some nice ones. The budget is tight, so I was looking for a small lift, along the lines of spacers/blocks. Now I know with a 2.25" ready lift leveling kit I can fit 33"s. but I don't like leveled out trucks, I haul some fire wood and a couple boats and I don't want to be dragging ass when I have weight in the back. Can I get the front leveling kit and 2" blocks for the rear and keep almost the same rake minus a 1/4"? Do any companies make 2" kits where I wouldn't need new arms and everything?

    Also how about blistein 5100's? I've heard lots of good stuff about them. Do they actually lift the truck at all? Would I get 2" of lift out of just swapping all 4 shocks to them?

    Thanks for the help guys, I looked around but couldn't find a for sure answer.
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    Get a 2.5" level and 2" or even 3" rear blocks. ReadyLift has everything you need. 5100's only lift the front but they ride wonderful. If budget is tight look at Ruff Country.

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