2,700 mile road trip starting Dec. 13th in a 2008 NNBS

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by 2k8z71, Dec 10, 2011.

  1. 2k8z71

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    Just wondering if anyone has taken a long road trip in their NNBS Silverado like I am about to do. I am going to be towing a 6x12 Uhaul trailer from VA to CA. I am not worried about my truck as I know it will make the journey just fine. The Uhaul trailer on the other hand... lol.
    My only question is, on long hauls while towing, how much air do you put in your tires? I have stock 17's with Goodyear AT/S tires on my Z71. It has the HD trailering package also. I plan on doing my oil change the day I start out. That day will consist of picking the trailer up after oil change, pack it up and hopefully be on the road before evening rush starts.
    Is there anything else I should/need to do before a long haul like that?
  2. JnBama

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    35 psi, pay a little extra for sevice and have all fluids checked, filled and a safety check. Whenever you stop check the trailer tires and hitch ,safety chains make sure the lights work. don't go too fast that U-Haul may zig zag behind you, be careful with the brakes and the high winds out west
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  3. kburb

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    Drove fron SC to Utah and took mine in for a complete service and tire rotation. And please check the U-hual last thing you want is a blow out or a lost wheel cause some kid said he did and didnt.

    If you can lock the hitch to the ball, a trip that long you never know what might happen.
  4. MoBillyAla

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    Have made several road trips in my 07, AL-Ok, CO-AL AL-NY and a few to Texas, several of those trips were pulling a car. I can tell you that my 4.8 stock suspension performed great and as wrong as I am I got up to 85-90 quite a few times and felt just as good as 65.

    X2 on what everyone else has said I would also emphasize to check your trailer every time you stop, make sure nothing has come undone, check the tires, and check your lights are still working.. I too have a road trip in my near future, I will be driving down to Mobile(AL) once I get back and will be pulling my Mustang (Bro-n-law gave to me)back to NY... still not sure if I want to go with a full car trailer from U-haul or disconnect the drive shaft and use a tow-dolly..

    Anyways best of luck on your trip hope its a smooth one:glasses:
  5. tbplus10

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    I did the VA. to CA. and CA. to VA. trip a few times in my Navy days, like any long trip check the truck for defects, especially the tires, replacement tires along the highway in New Mexico and Arizona go for a premium price.
    This is winter so a few extra blankets and a jug of water in the cab of the truck wont hurt, along with some powerbars.
    Basics to check on the truck are belts, tires, and security of everything, i.e. exhaust and underside components.
    A small tool bag with ductape, zip ties, bailing wire, regular wire, screwdrivers, pliers, assortment of wrench's, vice grips, fasteners, and a good flashlight with spare batterys either in the cab of the truck or the last bag on the trailer (right near the door) wouldnt be a bad idea.
    If your spare isnt in the under bed carrier make sure its easily accessable, last thing you want is to have to unload everything alongside the highway to get a spare tire, same goes for the jack and tire tools.
    When you get the trailer check it for good lights, nothing ready to fall off or loose that will make noises that cause you to have to stop or be paranoid, have the agency check the tire pressure in front of you before you accept it.
    Make sure the trailer sits level when connected to the truck, you may need a lift or drop hitch to do this but if it doesnt start out level as you load it'll get worse, this will affect handling when your at highway speeds.
    Make sure when you load the trailer you load it so that it stays level, again handling (heavy items or the wheels).
    Make sure the safety chains are connected and at least a few inchs above the ground, bouncing chains tend to pop themselves off and uselessly drag or worse wrap up in the trailer wiring and damage stuff.
    Make sure if it's an enclosed trailer you have a good lock for it, put the key somewhere in the truck you'll remember but is easy to access.
    Good luck on your trip and take time to stop and see a few things, so you stay alert on the long stretch's.
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  6. Sierraowner5.3

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    i did 1300 in my 05 sierra with a 6x12 u haul.. trailer was fine, they pull hard due to the flat front (compared to a rounded trailer) but other then that it was all fine.

    others have covered everything. bout the only thing i can add is check the hubs on the wheels as well, that will tell you if a wheel bearing is about to go/to hot.

    mine pulled fine if i kept it under 75, any faster and it got squirrly.

  7. 2k8z71

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    Yeah, I plan on going to Goodyear for my oil change and top off all fluids. Tires were rotated just over 2k miles ago so they are fine. I rotate my tires myself and do them about 6k. I have a tool box that will be loaded last and have some rope on hand. Spare is in the carrier and I inspected it and looks like its ready to go. I will have them check the tire pressure in it and fill it as needed but its not weather worn or anything. I plan on checking the U-Haul tire pressure when I inspect it with the U-Haul people and check the bearings (I think I can look at the bearings from the backside to see if the seal is still on the bearings). I will be checking the heat temp of the bearings every time I stop because a clue to bad bearings is they will get hot (found that out on my explorer which ate bearings for dinner). I don't plan on going over 70mph. Trying to keep my average speed to 62-65mph to get the most out of my mileage. The trailer aint gonna be loaded to max capacity as far as weight goes. The heaviest thing I will be loading is a mattress. I plan on putting most of the boxes up front as U-Haul suggests. I always thought it was just over the axles for traction but if I follow U-Hauls rule, I cant be held liable for their trailer breaking on me lol. I checked my trailer harness with and without the 4 pin adapter and they show a stable load on my voltmeter so if wiring becomes a problem, its not caused from my truck. Blankets and stuff will be loaded in the trailer last as well. I will probably bump my tire pressure up to 38psi due to the weather and air down/up as needed down the road.
  8. 2k8z71

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    Ok, so I did my trip and I wish the seats were a little more comfortable lol. I loaded up a 6x12 UHaul trailer and headed for Cali on Tuesday around 6:30pm. I arrived Friday evening around 10pm. I averaged 14.27mpg for the trip (using a road trip app on my iPhone) According to my GPS, my average speed was around 61mph. So with a loaded trailer, it did fairly decent on mileage. Did a lot of going up hill too. I did have a problem with the electrical that required me to stop off at a Chevy dealership then a UHaul service center. The problem was, when I am cruising for a while, and I go to flash my high beams or turn signal, my engine would cut out and restart and also the computer reset itself. Gauges would do a diagnostic sweep and my lighting would flicker for a while. Most times, I would slow down to below 50mph and then it would correct itself. I went to Chevy and they looked at everything thats grounded on my truck and said everything was fine. They even ran a diagnostic test and said the truck checked out. They told me to disconnect the trailer wires and drive to a UHaul service station and see if the could figure the problem out. When I unhooked the trailer harness, I noticed one of the pins looked like it was ground down. Went to Uhaul and had them replace it and add an extra ground wire. It worked for the rest of the trip.

    Sooo the trip was interesting to say the least and good mpg. I kept all my receipts but since I recorded everything in the app i was using, i really didnt need to keep them. I am sure if I made the trip without a trailer, I would get like 20mpg at least.
  9. tbplus10

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    Good to hear you had a safe trip, now it's time to enjoy the holidays.
  10. 2k8z71

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    yeah, I haven't had a holiday off since working for the government (military and civilian sector) in over 8 years lol. It'll be different, that's for sure lol

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