2.8 liter 5 speed

Discussion in 'Chevy S10 Forum (GMC Sonoma)' started by Corv8, Jul 12, 2009.

  1. Corv8

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    I have been lurking for awhile but this is my second post.

    Will a 5 speed trans from a early 80's 2.8 liter work with a small block chev. .

    thanks for your time.

  2. Badbrad469

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    no, it won't fit. the 2.8 was a 60* motor, the 4.3 and small blocks are 90* motors.
  3. tbplus10

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    You dont want to mate that trans with a V-8, there are a few companies that make adaptors and the package can be cobbled together but the result would be a blown up trans even under the best conditions. The rear under that truck is also suspect and wont last long behind the power of the smallest V-8.
    If your doing a swap do the whole drivetrain from radiator to rear axle and all between.
  4. Corv8

    Corv8 New Member

    I am asking for a friend who has a 87 G-body frame with a 4 speed now , he wanted to know if the 5 speed would work. are the splines the same . basically his thought was could it just bolt up to his existing bell housing and off to the races type of thing.
    it is in a auto cross car . a G body frame with a 67 Corvair body. currently has a malibu 4 speed in it now. he has the 5 speed in a S 10 and wondered of it would work.

    thanks guys.


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