2 inch lift with 2 or 3 inch body lift

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by 04blackz71, Apr 8, 2009.

  1. 04blackz71

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    i was just wondering if there is any one out there that has this or has seen a truck with the combo i am thinking about it not sure what to do if any one has pictures that would help
  2. azdrtdog

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    I would always shy away from a body lift they raise the rad.the lower shroud has to be cut or bottom half removed.the air gap between the bed and frame gets wider and the frame stick even farther out the bottom of the cab. you can spot these trucks all over please people lets stop this trend and keep our trucks TRUCKSS.... not show pieces made for pavment pounding
  3. ahm1127

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    Go with suspension lift if you plan to use your truck as truck, use body lift if you want a sitting show truck. I have used both & will now only use suspension lift.
  4. Z71_guy

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    i got no problem with body lifts, i usually only go with the 1in hockey puck trick but i helps when looking for a little more
  5. mjalstad

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    Here's a pic of my 97 suburban I had with a 1.5" suspension lift and 3" body lift on 35's

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  6. SilveradoBrett

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    If you have the money to do a suspension lift on an IFS truck ($700+ for a good one) it is the much better option. I also have no problems with body lifts, they are cheap, easy and quick. They sell frame gap covers for your wheel wells so you dont notice it so much. But it is what it is.... Body lifts are nice if you just want to run a little bit bigger tire but you will not see much in terms of offroad performance. Hope this helps! Good luck with the lift!
  7. larryleeUSN

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    body lifts are all preference. i never liked them but i thought id give them a try. i have a body lift on top of my suspension lift and leveling kit and i love it. sits pretty high and i still use my truck as a truck. my truck has a lil over 30,000 miles on it and half of them were in the mud. i pull an 18 ft car trailer always loaded with a truck. no matter what you choose im sure you will be satisfied.
  8. kawasaki_kid

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    i have a 3inch body lift, as well as a 1.5/2 inch susp. "lift". its mostly body lift, but it isnt just a "pavement pounder", it sees a fair bit of offroad. i never really liked the gap between the box and frame, but i have left it open for two reasons. when i take it mudding, that would just be another spot to collect mud, and be harder to clean, i store my ramps that i use to get my snowmobile it my truck there in the winter. i wish i had more lift for tire clearence. my 33's rub when i hit a deep hole off roading.
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