2000 6.0l oil leak

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    Hey all

    So I have a 2000 Yukon xl k2500 with a 6.0L. Driving around a couple weeks ago a smelled burning out ( like oil burning on a header). I check it out and found there was oil all over the passenger bank of cylinders part of the hood fender everywhere. Took to my mechanic, they diagnosed as a valve cover gasket blew. They changed it, washed the motor and was running fine.

    Had to drive out of town the next day, drove 80km everything was fine but my throttle was freezing on the way as well as the hood latch. Drive back home the next day, everything was ok. The day after I started it. Let it warm up about 15 minutes and go out to drive it and the smell of oil on fire is back.

    Took back To the mechanics, he stored it inside for 3 days to thaw and dry everything out and deduced that the PVC valve had been frozen and caused the second blow out.

    Through all this the outside temp was about -25C average for 5 days.

    Now it's still leaking to a point and I can't find the leak. It's not bad enough that u have to add oil but its bad enough that I don't want to haul my trailer or drive more that 15 minutes from my tools in any direction.

    Please help. There was oil on the passenger cylinders, intake manifold, headers and spray all on that side of the engine compartment.

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