2000 Chevrolet Express new to me, lots of questions

Discussion in 'Chevy Express Forum (GMC Savana)' started by buba1, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. buba1

    buba1 New Member

    New to the forum. Hi everybody!
    Bought a 2000 Chevrolet Express with 82,000 km, 3500 extended body LS with 5.7 L engine, RWD
    Have some questions for you guys:
    1. My SECURITY light on the dashboard always stays on, van starts and runs fine. Should I be worried?
    2. Van takes about 15 minutes to warm up, I am in Canada, -15 Celsius outside. Any way to make it warm up faster?
    Thermostat is OEM, engine takes long time to warm up before thermostat opens, so changing thermostat will make no difference.
    3. Rough ride, can feel almost all pavement holes. Drive the van not loaded as it is a 15 passenger van. Is this normal for a 3500 van or for Chev truck in general? Any way to smooth the ride? Shocks are good, van does not bounce more than 2 times when going through pothole. But I can feel them all. :(
    Side door, door on the back hinges are stuck, this is a general problem, the Doorman pins I bought come with lube zerks, but to install I need to increase the size of the hinge hole to 1/2 inch , leaving the hinge with no meat on it. Not going to happen. Any solutions? Just install the new pin and lube it often?
    Tx guys
  2. tsbrewers

    tsbrewers Member

    1. Not really sure what that is, just try a google search?
    2. That doesn't sound too outrageous of a time. Best way to warm it up is to drive it. Sounds about the same as mine here in MN. Water pumps are known to go out on these, maybe it isn't pushing the warm coolant through the engine well?
    3.The heavier duty the vehicle, the rougher it will ride with no weight. you could try putting a bunch of sand bags or something in the back to help with the ride. That would also help with the traction in the snow.
    4. Yup, common problem. I installed the greasable hinges on mine. I think you are going from about a 7/16" hole to a 1/2" hole, so not a huge different. But i can tell you it sucks getting the old ones out, especially if it is to the point they are solid. I used multiple cans of PB Blaster over the course of a couple days to get mine out. Also used an air hammer and ended up breaking one hinge. It was an easy weld fix, but still kinda sucked.


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