2000 gmc 1500 will not start !

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by skinnycycle, Jan 1, 2010.

  1. skinnycycle

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    I turned the key off walked into the store walked out got in the truck and the engine turns over smoothly yet it will not start.I pushed the schrader valve at the back of the engine and it appears to have plenty of pressure.Yet I sprayed a shot of starting fluid in the throttle body and it ran for a few seconds.The engine light has been on for some time but I never had the code read.Before I spend 250 bucks on a fuel pump I would like to know that is exactly what the problem is.Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.skinnycycle........:grrrrrr:
  2. mehoff400

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    you should be able to hear a humming from the gas tank if it turns on when you turn the key on.... and also you might be able to restart up the fuel pump buy hittin the gas tank with a big dead blow or something like that
  3. unplugged

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  4. unplugged

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    A humming pump isn't always pumping the right pressure.

    I not sure what banging on the fuel tank does, but it works. I have gotten more than one stalled chevy running for me with a thump to the tank. (Long enough to get it to the shop for a fuel pump replacement)
  5. mehoff400

    mehoff400 Rockstar 100 Posts

    banging on the tank just gets the fuel pump started up again if its stuck off
  6. needshave

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    stupidrado 2002

    I have exactly the same problem...........advanced. My truck started, reluctantly and I drove it about 300 ft. It stalled and I restarted. I drove another 100 ft. stalled again and would not think about starting. I sprayed starting fluid down it's neck and it would run for a few seconds. I had it towed back to the house where I jacked it up and checked to see if I could hear the fuel pump. I could. I pulled the gas filter out, ran the pump and a lot fuel on the ground. I changed the fuel filter with a new one. Reassembled and .............no change. I went to Autozone and placed $160.00 deposit down (!!!!!!) for their fuel gauge. I installed the fuel gauge to the fuel rails and found that I only have 20 psi. Specs say I need 60 PSI. SO most likely I'm going to have to put a new pump in. Any other thoughts?? (I'm hoping)
    Unfortunatley we just moved into this area, so I will need to do this by myself. Any recommendations as to how to get to the pump? (drop tank vs. move the bed back) Again, I need to be able to do this by myself, so there appears to be no real easy solution. Truck has a cap on it. I do have a engine hoist and a wife.

    Your suggestions appreciated..........:neutral:
  7. skinnycycle

    skinnycycle New Member

    MY fuel pump was BAD !

    I replaced the fuel pump (for a mear 300 bucks ! ) arggg ! and all of my problems are gone.I never plan on selling this truck and instead of dropping the tank or unbolting the bed I cut a hole (I used a sawzall and cut three sides flapped it back and laid another peice of a bed from the junkyard on top of the hole) Anyway it was the pump ! thanks guys !:great:

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