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2000 sierra dead

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by cooter126, Mar 17, 2013.

  1. cooter126

    cooter126 New Member

    I was cruising down the highway when my 2000 sierra just died, the battery light came on in the message center. The truck cranks but will not start. My first thought was fuel pump but that didn't fix it, any ideas? Thanks
  2. geo1

    geo1 Member

    pump is running?you can here it?if so you have fuel,now check spark,pull a wire and plug,rest on metal,crank,check for spark,if no spark,possible crank pos. sensor,try a scanner if possible
  3. RayVoy

    RayVoy Active Member 1000 Posts

    Usually, the fuel pump gets power from the fuel pump relay. As @geo1 asked, can you hear the pump running?

    I think the fuel filter, on that truck, is in the tank, changing the pump, is a chance to clean/renew the filter cloth.

    And, as geo1 suggests, the problem may be spark. The other possibility is air (you need all three) check the air filter and ducts

    And, while typing, I'm thinking, does he have fuel?

    99'HEARTBEAT Moderator Staff Member Platinum Contributor 1000 Posts

    Ray......On a 2000"s.....The Fuel Filter's are located, on the inside of the Fame rail, on the Driver-Side.

  5. RayVoy

    RayVoy Active Member 1000 Posts

    Thanks Mike, that could very well be the problem. OP, do you know when the fuel filter was last changed?

    99'HEARTBEAT Moderator Staff Member Platinum Contributor 1000 Posts

    Your Welcome Ray.....I was thinking the Same-thing.....when was the last time the Fuel Filter was changed??

  7. j cat

    j cat Active Member 1000 Posts

    check the fuel pressure with a pressure gage you need more than 50 psi for eng run.

    could be the crank sensor under the starter . check for codes first .
  8. cooter126

    cooter126 New Member

    It was the crank position sensor, thanks everyone
  9. j cat

    j cat Active Member 1000 Posts

    it could have been a fuel pump but normally they do not suddenly fail. crank sensor can suddenly fail.

    wiring /connector/ and metal contamination can cause this issue.

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