2000 sierra front to 03-06 HELP!! need to order soon

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    okay well just sold my car now its time to upgrade my truck. i have a 2000 sierra that was hit in the front (one bent main frame tip) but i want to put the 03-06 sierra front. i did my research and just came across something. First off let me say what my intentions are. I have the fender flare things. im going with the 01-02 silverado HD hood (yes i know needs modification). what i was curious of is

    1. where do i order the bumper brackets and hooks?

    2. it says you need to change the bumper brackets so you wont have a gap between the top of the bumper and the grill. This is what i came across today. Could that be possible to avoid the brackets and fill the gap running the 03-06 sierra HD grill? i see it has a gap filler beneath it and i kinda like that grill better. after all i have to pay for a new one anyways. why not save the time and go for the look i like better?

    3. i know this is a interior question but since im making a thread anyways. i wanna put the center console in instead of the jump seat does anyone know if like autozone has a CLOSE dash paint that wont wear off to fast and look close to the light gray or pewter color in my sierra?

    any input, links, and knowledge is greatly appreciated. im a newbie this my first z71 [​IMG] thanks you guys ahead of time
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    I can remember a couple years ago about this idea. never heard back if was ever done. usually this means failure to change it. It is a possible mod but you will need to make up some of the parts .

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