2000 Silverado 1500 throttle body

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by Stan S, Oct 31, 2009.

  1. Stan S

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    The throttle plate on my 2000 Silverado 5.3 sticks when I start to accelerate. I've cleaned it several times with throttle body cleaner and a toothbrush, but it starts sticking again in a few days. I want to remove the TB and give it a through cleaning but this model has the coolant routed through the TB. What is the procedure to remove this part? ie. drain coolant? what about the small hoses that connect to the TB? Do the slip off or will I need new ones? any gaskets? Thanks for your help, Stan
  2. Milo'sTahoe

    Milo'sTahoe New Member

    Stan, I had to do the same thing on my '00 Silverado and a '00 Sierra. You don't have to drain the cooling system much, just enough to be below the throttle body and hoses. The hoses came off easy and I did not need to replace mine. The gasket I bought at a local parts house and was cheap. This should solve your throttle plate sticking problems, it did for mine. It is a pretty quick and easy job to do. Milo
  3. TJbear

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    I just gave mine a few shots of TB cleaner with the TB still mounted on the engine. Wiped out excess with rag. Working good for a couple weeks so far. Perhaps yours is more coked up than mine was.

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