2000 Silverado 5spd 4.8 ltr newbie questions

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by mc_balmer@hotmail.com, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. I've just bought a 2000 Silverado 5spd 4.8 ltr after drooling over my friends and his dads sierras for 20 years. I am moving some 2000 miles in a few weeks and need to buy a cargo trailer. I live right by the border of Washington/British Columbia and am wondering a few things.

    1. The truck isn't in perfect condition but I have just spent $1,500 to get it into reasonable shape and now want to know what size cargo trailer you would advise (i'm thinking 6x12 but will go smaller if it would be advised)
    2. Any advice on where to get either a good deal from a dealer or a private sale?
    3. Any advice on hitch/ball etc to ensure a good setup would be appreciated and where is the best place to get it............

  2. 07silverado07

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    I've pulled a 5x8 utility trailor slam full of stuff behind my 4.8 with out any problems at all if this helps
  3. Ya thanks. She is concerned as we are heading to Alaska and the clutch isn't too smooth. Also, being a 2000 with 130,000miles on it and "wanting" a 6x12 it'll be a bit more weight....................hmmm

    Thanks for your imput and keep em comin as my gf is lookin over my shoulder hahahaha
  4. 07silverado07

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    you should be fine. just take it easy on the truck and she will make it. as far as hitches go i use reese, you can buy them just about any where.and if it makes you feel any better i pulled that 5x8 from south georgia (mostly flat land with a few hills) to north georgia into the mountains ( about 5 miles out of clayton, ga [ rabun county]) never had a minutes problem and mo 07 has 98,000 miles on her!!!
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    You should be fine with a 6x12... Don't try to make a new 0-60 time with it but it will deffinately pull... I've hauled a 6x12 with a 03 tahoe 4.8 loaded down with no problems... Also hauled the same trailer with a 06 silverado 4.3 v6 6+3" lift n 35" tires with no problem... Same truck pulled our 6000 lbs boat just take it easy on the starts.. You'll be fine

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