2000 Silverado Ext Cab 8' bed suspension issue.

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    So i just spent about 3 hrs browsing i couldn't find any answers to my questions. I've been looking at alot of lift kits for my truck and can't quite figure these things out. I'm new to the truck world and used to race little 4 cyl. hondas. So i'm in a whole new world. basically 3 of 4 shocks on my truck are SHOT. The leaf springs are a bit rusty also. I wanted to lift the truck 3 or 4 inches but also replace those suspension parts in the process. And i keep seeing these leveling kits, but when i look at my truck, the front doesn't look lower then the back it looks even. Anyne have time to converse with me in regards to this matter. Also i bought the truck from New Jersey which is famous for rusty frames cause of the sand, can i get away with sanding the pieces and just rustoleum spray painting this stuff. i'm clueless, i'm a police officer now and have been for 4 years so i'm so far out of the mechanics game i think i'm just brain farting on all of this. I must say this site is full of knowledge and i learn something new everytime i sign on and browse. Thanks for the help for whoever answers to this. If you have the same truck with a lift i'm looking at a pic would be awesome to see what it looks like.

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    I have the same truck as you a 2000 Z71, long bed, and rust on the leaf springs is nothing to worry about. As to the lift if you do want to get new springs then getting a new "rearched" set with the amount if lift that you want will give you what you are looking for. As to the leveling. My truck does have some of the rake that leveling kits are supposed to eliminate but if yours is mostly level then your springs could have saged or else someone may have cranked the front torsion bars up a bit to level it off. As to the rusty pieces on your frame you can sand them down but i prefer to use rubberiezed undercoating after a little primer since it holds up a lot better to the abuse from rocks etc.
    And as for going with factory replacement shocks Blisten is the way to go if you want to maintain stock height.

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