2000 Silverado Idles Rough

Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by gweano, May 17, 2010.

  1. gweano

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    2000 Silverado, 1500, 5.3
    The truck when in park or neutral the engine sounds to idle regular. When in gear at a stop sign or red light it idles very rough, it seems to be on the brink of shutting off until I accelerate, then the engine runs as advertises. The "Service Engine Soon" light came on Friday last. Didn't have the scanner to read the codes, knowing about my idle problem, I research troubleshooting in my HAYNES AUTO book and learned about removing and cleaning the "Idle Air Control (IAC) Valve", did so and the "Service Engine Soon" light shut off. The engine idles somewhat better, yet rough idle is quite evident. Any Advice or recommendations for a “Garage Mech Wanna-Be”?
  2. ChivaLRy

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    Hey my truck was doing the same thing a little while ago... I went to Auto Zone and had them pull the code (they do it for free as well as Checkers I think.). They said it was "random misfires" or something to that effect. New set of plug wires and it runs like new!! Have you ever done a tune up on your truck?
  3. gweano

    gweano New Member

    Not for sometime now. It's my understanding the Autozone here in San Diego do not check codes for customers any longer (new store rule). I do plan to purchase the mid-range $$ scanner, as recommended in the Haynes Maintenance Manual.

    You know, I did buy the recommended plugs (AC Delco, $60) the other day, but returned them when a friend suggested that wasn't the problem.

    Thanks for the reply my friend

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