2000 silverado rear locker

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by jasonsz71, Apr 4, 2008.

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    i have a 2000 silverado with the z71 package, could anyone explain what kind of rear end it has and if its a limited slip or a locker and how it works exactly. when it engages its pretty harsh and it seems like sometimes i only have 1 wheel spinning but then it engages and i was just wondering if everyone elses engages rough 2. is it supposed to act like an open diff then lock when you need the extra taction?
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    My 03 2wd Silverad gas the auto locking rear, it does the same thing and has since it was new.

    For instance: when one wheel spins on wet grass it will make a loud clunk noise and then it locks and will spin both wheels.

    I have never seen any instructions on how to properly engage/disengage...

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    Eaton Auto Locking Differential

    The Auto-locking differential on GM Trucks is supplied by Eaton. It is a mechanical unit, unlike the electronic type offered on the Hummer H2. Being an 'autolocker' means that it operates without intervention by the driver. It is not a favorite of off roaders yet, but it is the preferable alternative to most limited slip diffs. Canadian Driver has a nice article on the Eaton unit. YouTube has a great demo video:

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